Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is whole fruits and vegetables in capsules or tasty chewables that are NSF certified (3rd party certification for purity). It’s backed by over 40 Gold Standard clinical studies at major universities and hospitals like Yale and M.D. Anderson. Kids age 4 to full-time college are FREE for four years!

Whole fruits and vegetables help to keep us healthy at a cellular level. They balance our immunity, decrease internal inflammation, and reduce our risk for chronic disease, for example, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. At first I was skeptical but it has truly helped my whole family, especially my ten-year-old daughter, who loves the chewables. It can be tough to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables everyday. Juice Plus gives me peace of mind but better yet, my daughter has been “doctor-free” for any illness during the past five years. If you’re interested, click HERE to learn more.

Michelle Sugiyama, MS, NBC-HWC, MCHC, CC

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