Michelle Sugiyama engages, inspires, and empowers people to move towards their best self. She is the Founder of Mindful Eating, a nationally Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Master Certified Health Coach, with an active and thriving coaching practice since 2014. Michelle is also a #1 international bestselling author in Break Free to Stand in Your Power and an international speaker, who has been the highlight of numerous employee wellness programs. Since 2004, she has engaged virtual or in-person audiences with captivating presentations based on sound science and culinary demonstrations. Michelle was named most inspirational health & wellness coach and excellence in wellness education by Global Health & Pharma’s Fitness and Nutrition Awards 2020. She is also on the scientific committee for the United Research Forum and holds a culinary certification from Le Cordon Bleu and a master of science in organic chemistry from The Ohio State University. 

For over seventeen years, Michelle has enhanced the wellness of busy women, families, and employees at mid-sized to Fortune-100 companies by guiding them to bridge the gap between knowing you should be healthy and actually doing it. With positivity, compassion, personalized strategies, and accountibility she is dedicated to helping you strive toward your best self. Michelle’s inspirations are her ten-year-old adopted daughter and 101-year-old grandmother, whose mantra was “health is #1.


Michelle Sugiyama, MS, NBC-HWC, MCHC, CC

Serving the Bay Area and Beyond

Email: michelle@mindful-eating.com