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Michelle Sugiyama - M.S., NBC-HWC, MCHC, CC

Michelle Sugiyama is your diet therapist and the founder of Mindful Eating, transforming the well-being of individuals and organizations.


• To empower high-achievers to bridge the gap between knowing they should be healthy and actually becoming healthy.

For Organizations

Employee Wellness

Michelle Sugiyama has been the highlight of numerous wellness programs at Fortune 100 companies, private organizations, government offices, and nonprofits. 

“Engaged employees are the gold standard for business success” – Jim Purcell, Forbes, February, 2020

For Individuals

Personalized Health Coaching

 wellness isn’t cookie cutter and your solutions shouldn’t be either! Discover the best ways to achieve your health goals with convenient, online wellness coaching. 

“It is health which is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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Real People, Real Change!

    Rich Hua

    Global Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services, San Francisco, CA

    It was really great having Michelle come and speak to us about not just increasing our lifespan but increasing our “healthspan.” Her talk was quite engaging, and the attendees found it both provocative and helpful. Michelle is passionate about helping people live healthier and better lives, and that passion clearly comes through in her presentation. And one more thing: the food she provided for us was delicious!

      Kate Alessi

      Program Manager, Blue Shield of California, San Francisco, CA

      Michelle’s high level of organization and her willingness to adjust and tailor her presentation to meet the audience’s needs was outstanding. Each of the presentation sessions showcased her ease in front of an audience, her friendly and personable nature, her expertise in all aspects of cooking and nutrition, and her passion for her craft. The audience members were consistently wowed and enthusiastically enjoyed her samples and recipes. Based on their feedback, “Chef Michelle’ was definitely a highlight of the overall wellness program. I would not hesitate to hire her again!

        Alicia Bouvia

        Staff Services Manager I, Administrative Support Unit, California State Controller’s Office, Sacramento, CA

        I have participated in demonstrations similar to Michelle’s in the past and the chef always runs out of time for questions, education or recipes. Michelle was able to educate our team about better nutrition, better options in the supermarket, and whip up delicious dishes – all within an hour! The food was SENSATIONAL! Watermelon salad with basil and feta, curried chicken salad, peanut butter banana shakes – each dish was different from the next and very diverse in flavor. And the best part? All of her recipes worked perfectly with the weight loss program we are running, convincing people that healthy food CAN actually be flavorful and delicious!! I cannot wait to get Chef Michelle back here again!

          Lynsey Hullopeter

          3M Work & Personal Life Resource Center, St. Paul, MN

          Thank you for presenting a very educational and fun cooking demonstration. One of our goals is to provide education and resources to assist 3M employees in improving their health and well-being. Your presentation and the recipes you demonstrated did just that! We are very pleased with the positive comments we have received from our employees following your presentation. Again, thank you for sharing your passion, knowledge and talent with 3M. You were a true professional throughout the entire process – it has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I look forward to welcoming you back.

            Martha Obeso

            Lab Field Services, California Department of Public Health, Richmond, CA

            Thank you so much for the classes and recipes you provided at the California Dept. of Public Heath. I attended a few of your seminars and really enjoyed them. I have also used your recipes over and over again. One in particular was the sun-dried tomato hummus. My son who dislikes any kind of vegetable LOVES this hummus. It’s the easiest thing for me to prepare for a party and everyone loves it – even when they think they won’t.

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            Tips & Article

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